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Safety and Rules


ROTARY TOOLS: (Flex shaft, buffer, drill press, Jool Tool): always wear safety glasses, tie long hair back and tuck it into your shirt if it reaches past your shoulders, tuck in loose drawstrings and avoid wearing loose or dangling jewelry around these machines. Never polish chain in the buffer.

CUTTING TOOLS: (bench shears, jeweler’s saw, flush cutters, etc) wear safety glasses, point metal that will be cut off down so small pieces don’t fly out toward anyone

SOLDERING: tie hair back, roll up loose sleeves, wear closed toe shoes. Always keep your eye on the flame. Always be aware of where your flame is pointing and if you need to pause to adjust something please turn flame off. Keep all flammable items off soldering table.

TORCHES: Please do not adjust regulators unless properly trained by an instructor. Instructors will turn tanks off at the end of class.

AFTER SOLDERING: please quench your piece before walking to pickle pot to avoid walking through studio with hot metal. Hot pieces can be set under soldering tripods to cool before quenching if desired.

FIRST AID: running water and first aid kit in bathroom and pickle room, if needed

LONG HAIR: must be tied back and tucked in your shirt or clipped up.

SAFETY GLASSES: Please bring your own pair of safety glasses.


SPACE: Please be considerate of your neighbors and share space accordingly. Hang bags, jackets and purses on the hooks by the door or on the backs of chairs to keep floor clear of tripping hazards.

TOOLS: If you are not familiar with a tool please ask for assistance – especially rolling mill, Jooltool, disc cutters, hydraulic press, bench shears, etc. A good rule of thumb – if you’re having to force something, STOP, rethink the process and ask instructor for help.

TOOLS, cont.: If a tool breaks or you find a broken tool in the studio please alert the instructor so it can be repaired or replaced.

TOOLS, cont, 2: There are complete kits of the basic tools at each bench – please check against the checklist at the beginning and end of your class to make sure all tools are accounted for. Please let the instructor know if anything is missing from the kit.

TOOLS, even more: If using a tool that must be shared, please be considerate of others who may need it. Return it to it’s proper place when finished with it.

TABLES AND BENCHES: Please do not hammer or drill directly on table/bench surfaces. Use steel or rubber blocks for hammering and wood blocks for drilling. Use rubber frame, cloth or leather under steel blocks to protect tables and dampen noise.

SCRAP: did you know you can save up your scrap and send it in to Rio Grande for a check or credit? Bring a small container to save your clean scrap or if you care to contribute to the studio scrap containers, this metal will be turned in and credits will be used to purchase new tools for the studio. Clean scrap only, please (no dust or paper, don’t mix metals)

TRASH: Your instructors also double as the cleaning staff – and we don’t get paid to clean, so please clean up after yourself �� – throw away broken saw blades, drills bits, etc. And please take any food/drink related trash with you to avoid unwanted smells and critters.

Covid-19 RULES:

Obvious rules apply – if you’re having any Covid related symptoms, please do not come to class. Contact an instructor to find out about class make-up opportunities.

Most importantly, be creative, get dirty and HAVE FUN!! We love having you here. Thank you