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The craft of fabricating jewelry from silver, gold, copper, brass or bronze to create jewelry and small art objects.

Lapidary is the art of polishing or faceting gemstones for setting into jewelry. Lapidary arts dates to 70,000 BCE when simple tools were used to carve and drill stones. By 3000 BCE, more refined shapes were being created. Quartz’s and jades, amber and turquoise were used to create amulets and other stones for personal wear. In the present, we use machines with diamond embedded wheels, both steel and resin, to shape stones for use in jewelry. In our classes you will learn to shape stones to be used in jewelry as cabochons from semi-precious material. During class, the instructor will also give you insights as to where you can obtain rough material to polish.

Lapidary Classes

Beading is the art of stringing beads in pleasing patterns and colors to create personal adornment. Beads can be semi-precious stones, glass, wood, ceramic, metal and more. An ancient craft, we reproduce it today I modern glass and stone beads.

The ancient art of lost wax casting began in the Bronze Age and became an important metalworking tool. The art of creating a model by carving wax, investing it in a mold, burning out the wax and casting it in metal remains a frequently used metalsmithing tool. We offer regular casting classes as well as classes in sandcasting, water casting and more.

Casting Classes

Wire Weaving

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Past Classes

  • Galaxy Pendant
  • Intermediate Silversmithing
  • Paper Clip Chain
  • Ribbon Cuff
  • Simple Band Ring with Stone
  • Simple Bangle Bracelets
  • Simple Earrings
  • Simple Metal Cuff
  • Simple Sawed Pendant