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About Salt City Smithery

Salt City Smithery is a studio in South Salt Lake Utah where you can learn how to make jewelry from our experienced instructors. If you already have experience and need to borrow equipment, you can book an open studio.

We welcome students, artists, and event groups to come to our studio to make jewelry that you will love forever!

Meet your instructors

Amy Schmidt

Amy has been creating jewelry since the early 1990s. She’s been a maker her whole life, starting out sewing with her mom and grandmother as a young child. She has had a career in the fashion industry since graduating college but has felt the pull towards working with metal since taking her first jewelry fabrication class at Kean University in New Jersey. Originally from New York, she was able to take advantage of the plentiful metalsmithing classes in the area.

Jan Harris Smith

I can’t remember when art was not a part of my life…my refuge, my muse, my friend. We moved frequently when I was young, and I was always the new kid on the block. The one constant companion in my life was art. Art has always been the mainstay in my life.

My primary medium is fabricated silver jewelry. But I also work in fine art, mixed media, book arts and fused glass. I love to combine metal and stones, contrasting light, opacity and texture in a single piece. My focus is to create jewelry that tells a story. My jewelry is informed by my love of nature and my desire to communicate this to others. I have dabbled in many mediums and this practice is reflected in my designs.

I took my first silversmithing class at Cypress College in Southern California and have since completed several university level metal and fine art classes and numerous workshops taught by professionals in my field. My art is always continuing to evolve in new directions as I continue learning new skills.

I teach metalsmithing, both privately and at several locations in the community and am the co-owner of the Salt City Smithery, a full service silversmithing studio and school in Salt Lake City, UT.

Nik Keinitz

I have had a passion for art, helping people create, and creating things myself, my entire life. I have been creating since childhood and never looked back. After years of doing visual arts I decided to take the leap I’ve always wanted to and began taking class after class in metal-smithing. I fell in love with this medium and have since switched to creating jewelry. By applying my knowledge from visual art I have been able to create beautiful and unique pieces with wire weaving, glass, fabric and metal. It has been a wonderful journey and I’ve had many great mentors along the way. I hope to contribute to the artistic community by sharing my knowledge and helping others create the beautiful things they have in mind.


Jack is a 11 year old Australian Shepherd that, after a long life of adventure, has retired into his position as our studio dog. Sleeping is his most enjoyed pastime but he can still play fetch with the best of them. He patrols our parking lot, trying to make friends with the feral cats, but much to his disappointment, they run for the hills when they see him!  He greets each student with barks and tail wags while he sniffs around for potential treats. He’s not very good at silversmithing but he is always happy to watch us create. He would love to meet and greet you when you visit!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, open studio dates will be included on the studio calendar on the website. Pre-registration is recommended.

In short you need to prove your proficiency. Here is more information on Open Studio

Yes, we have most of the basics and many stones.

During this time we offer classes for ages 16 and up.

Yes, classes are to be arranged by instructors.