Hey there! Have you been wondering what all those bits and burs are used for on the flex shaft?

Want to know how to get that big lump of solder off your piece?

Want to know how to avoid getting that big blob of solder on your piece in the first place?

Want to learn how to use files correctly and know how to decide which one to use for different operations?

We’ll discuss all this and more in our new “Fundamentals for Metalsmithing Success” class

There are two options for the class –

Monday nights 11/28 – 12/12, 6:00-8:30pm, $150


Saturdays, 11/26 and 12/10, 10:00am – 1:45pm, $150

Please email amy@saltcitysmithery.com to reserve your spot (this class is not listed on the website yet)